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Reverse Board & Train

Owner & Head Trainer, Aryanna Nicole is now offering Reverse Board & Train Services in the comfort of your own home!

This service is ideal for those that have a busy schedule or are going out of town, but still need to create or maintain some consistency in their dog’s training and behavior.

During this service, Aryanna will work with you to determine how long will be needed to achieve the goals you have for your dog. She will come and stay in your home for the agreed upon time, and continuously work with training your dog on the selected cues and behaviors throughout the day. If you are doing a Day-Only service, she will spend 20 minutes reviewing with you what she worked each day, upon your return. 

If you are doing the Overnight option, training will last 6 hours during the day with an hour long break mid-day. Upon completion of training each day, Aryanna will send a Session Wrap-Up email detailing what was covered during training, pictures and videos, along with any recommended tools and treats she may have used with your dog. She will additionally send one more update before bed on any necessary care she provided as far as feeding, play, and walks.

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Reverse Board & Train Length:

  • Day Only (6 hours) - $225/day

  • With Overnights - $250/night

Additional Charges:

  • Additional Dog - Add $25

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