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Private Training

Owner & Head Trainer, Aryanna Nicole is now offering Private & Semi-Private Dog Training in the comfort of your own home!

These are ideal for those that are ready and willing to train their dogs themselves, but are overwhelmed or just don’t know where to start! 

During a private training session, she will come to your home to best assess your dog’s behavior in their usual environment. She will address and provide solutions for many(if not all), of your immediate concerns regarding your dog’s behavior. After all immediate concerns have been addressed, she will teach and review any basic obedience cues with you and your dog, that will best contribute to their overall learning. 

If basic obedience with your dog is completely solid, but they are still having behavioral issues, she also offers behavior modification sessions as well. These sessions can help with behaviors like jumping on people, excessive chewing & destruction, digging holes, fear with new people & places, separation anxiety, marking, and creating harmony with other pets in the house. These sessions will consist of a discussion of potential solutions, for the negative behavior, followed by practicing some of these techniques with the dog, to begin the process.

Unfortunately, Purple Haired Pet Care DOES NOT currently offer training for dogs with a bite history, or those that growl and snap and are over 6 months of age.

The initial Private Training Session will be 90 minutes long to assure that all of your questions have been answered, after this one, all sessions will be 60 minutes long. After the session has been completed, Aryanna will send a Session Wrap-Up email detailing what was covered during training, along with any recommended tools and treats.

Private Training: About



  • Basic Obedience - $125

  • Behavior Modification - $150

Basic Obedience Packages:

  • 3 Sessions - $365

  • 6 Sessions - $695

  • 9 Sessions - $999

Behavior Modification Packages:

  • 3 Sessions - $435

  • 6 Sessions - $860

  • 9 Sessions - $1265

Additional Charges:

  • Additional Dog - Add $25

  • Same Day Rate - Add $15

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