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In-Home Day Care

We come and stay at your home for the length of time of your choosing, to take care of your pet(s) and home. You can choose to provide us with a key (in a lockbox, hidden location, or extra copy), or have a resident that is home let us in. Meet & Greets are included for all new clients for an additional deposit returned upon completion of your third service.

During the day care we will:

  • Provide fresh food and water for your pets (as needed)

  • Dogs: 30 minute walks 1-2x (additional walks provided for extra charge)

  • Cats: Clean litterboxes

  • Administer oral medications as needed

  • Never leave your pet(s) alone

  • Text, picture, and video updates throughout each day

  • Provide plenty of love and playtime

  • Provide any additional services requested (add'l charges may apply)

In-Home Day Care: Service


​Daycare Length:

  • 2 hours - $40

  • 4 hours - $75

  • 6 hours - $100

  • 8 hours - $125

  • 12 hours - $200

Additional Charges​:

  • Add Additional Dog - $15

  • Same Day Rate - add $15

  • Holiday - add $15

  • Mileage (outside of 5 mile office radius) - $0.50/mile

In-Home Day Care: Text
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