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About Us:

Aryanna Nicole - Owner & Head Trainer

Aryanna is a highly dedicated dog trainer. She created Purple Haired Pet Care with the intent to facilitate the creation of harmonious relationships between you and your pet, while providing the best care possible. She has been working with pets for the past three years during which she has trained over 200 dogs and cared for over 400 pets.

Her training philosophy starts and ends with Positive Reinforcement and she does not believe there is ever a need to use painful chains or shock collars. Positive reinforcement works because of the loving bond created through the training process. This bond encourages your dog to listen because THEY WANT TO, not because they are scared of what happens if they don’t.

Aryanna’s passion is the foundation of her business. Long before she began dog training, she volunteered in local animal rescues helping to care and problem-solve for animals that were scared, nervous, abused, or abandoned. It was experiencing the impact she had on these rescue animals that lead her to pursue this work through dog training. She finds it very gratifying to help animals feel comfortable with her, bring them out of their shell, and build a loving relationship with them. Aryanna believes pets should be treated as a member of the family and knows that good training is important to ensure a happy household. She strives to always go the extra mile when working with you and your pet!

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